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Education is the most Vital instrument  in shaping Human behaviour .School is a miniature society of young children engaged in the persuits of learning.Society is a  sea of individuals contributing in their individual capacity for the National growth .Schools are sites for imparting formal education  .Beyond the four walls of classrooms exist a vast canvas and laboratory in the mother nature at large and society in particular which provide numerous learning experiences that supplement in  aquisition of knowledge and skill through informal and nonformal avenues..

We ,in DAV Ratwar believe that every child is unique .Therefore teaching strategies and instructional plans are devised to cater the individual differences.The school strives to build a robust relatioship between students ,teacher, and  parent, which in turn  will lead to attaning  the mission and vision  and realizing a sustainable development of the school plant  .

We focus on the teacher empowerment by continuous  and collaborative training and orientation by a structured training module under the flagship of  DAVCAE,CBSE COE .

Let us come together to help buld a  team of skiled  future citizens of India byCommunication , Co opertion and collaboration.

        Best wishes 

(Padmanav Dhal)