Directly Managed by the DAV College Trust and Management Society, New Delhi. (Affiliated to CBSE)


Guidance For Students
  • Students must have the school diary, text books, note books, stationary etc.
  • They must come in school in school uniform. The school uniform must be neat and clean.
  • Students should submit application for leave a day in advance. The application should be counter signed by the guardians/parents.
  • School bus boarders must follow the regulations of the school transport.
  • The school possesses the right to take severe action against the students who found guilty of misconduct.
Guidelines For Parents


  • Please use the school diary as means of communication with the class teacher.
  • Please do attend parent-teacher meeting.
  • Please sign the test copies/papers as and when sent home.
  • Please meet the teacher with prior appointment.
  • Please do not send the fee/money with the driver, conductor or any other member of the school staff.
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